Autumn Update

edBusy, busyOpen Day at Mackie Lane Garden was a huge success: the sun shone, the garden looked fantastic and importantly, we had lots of visitors. Thank you to all the members who worked so tirelessly to make the day happen, and to everyone who visited. We really appreciate your support and hope we have inspired you to join Mosman Community Gardeners, or at least to have a go at growing veggies at home.

There was no organised gardening over Easter at Mackie Lane or Middle Head, but some took the opportunity to tackle a few jobs on the board list and to relax in the shade of the Rotunda or the Middle Head verandah and reflect on our terrific team handiwork over the long hot Summer.

In the lead up to Easter some of us enjoyed a fun time at Mackie Lane with a couple of Easter Egg Cover knitting sessions.  These were led by our multi-skilled, green fingered, knitter extraordinaire president Lilian!  Thank you Lilian. We came away saying that we must do this again.  The Rotunda is an ideal place for a ‘gather and natter’ session, so if you’d like to invite a group of friends to the Rotunda one morning for a session of your own choosing, please do.  This term we have already hosted another series of botanical art classes run by Penny Walton through Mosman Community College.

With our highly successful Open Garden Day behind us, we are now tackling the refurbishing and re-planting of beds in preparation for our Autumn and Winter crops.  Items on the menu include potatoes, garlic, broad beans, peas, onions and all the brassica family like cabbages and (shall-we-have-yet-another-go at) cauliflowers!  If you have a request for a vegetable you would like us to try, please come along and put in an order.

The Sunday after Easter is the first Sunday of April when, at MackIe Lane, we down tools at 4:00 pm and have a BYO get together. We just ask people to bring a small plate (hopefully with a vegetable theme) and their own choice of beverage (plus drinking vessel). We share the goodies and then take everything home thereby avoiding any washing up.  Please come along.  It’s a good chance to catch up with friends and find out what’s going on in the garden if you haven’t been for a while.

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