Spring 2015

What better way to celebrate Spring than with a twilight BBQ Picnic at Mackie Lane?

On Saturday 12th September members, family and visitors came along to the garden as part of the Mosman Festival.  MCG was asked to participate in this bi-annual event and decided the best way was to expand on our social Sundays.  The weather was perfect and we surprised ourselves with the large range of salads we were able to produce on the day.  Taking produce from both gardens we assembled and enjoyed, beetroot, celery, leeks, spring onions, multi coloured lettuce, rocket, landcress, radish, red cabbage and, of course, plenty of herbs.  We thank Mosman Council for accepting and promoting this event.

Our two market stall days were a success.  In June and July at the Mosman markets we gave away hundreds of our ‘grandmother’s’ leeks and herbs.  We had photos on display and chatted to the very many interested shoppers about the gardens, our plantings and locally grown food.  Mosman Council had an initiative on lessening the use of plastic bags and let us give away free bamboo shopping bags and nets for fruit and vegetables at the stall. In July, Gill Harrison kindly made us 3 terrariums which we used in a ‘guess the number of beans’ competition.  Thanks to Jill and all other members who helped out on these two days, they were enjoyable events due to the number of people willing to become involved.

MCG has been awarded a grant from Mosman Council for our application for a large water tank and solar pump.

It is intended to put the tank in the corner abutting Midas, from whose roof we will harvest water.  We are hoping to install the tank soon.  In our application it was pointed out that rainwater is better for plants, the cost of using piped water will be considerably reduced and, most importantly, we will no longer be using drinking water.

MCG continues to supply Mosman Council’s Carers’ café with flowers and foliage each month from both gardens.  As the seasons change so does the produce we take along, all of which we are assured is appreciated.

Mosman Daily promoted our new solar lighting with an article and Clare got a similar piece and photo in North Shore Living; thank you Clare.  This sort of publicity is always important to MCG.

Middle Head continues to thrive.  If you haven’t visited this garden you should, it is open all the time.

As you approach the boom gate at the entrance, turn left and continue along the road.  You will see a large building, The Soldiers’ Institute, on the right and the garden is directly in front of this.  As well as the garden other NPWS volunteers have spent years clearing the surrounding bush and a walk along the pathways there bring you to an entrancing view.

Broad beans, peas, celery, beetroot, kale, silverbeet, radish, lettuce, leeks and landcress are being harvested at Middle Head, with potatoes and garlic doing well and seedlings are ready for summer planting.  Gardeners at Middle head meet on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at 4p.m.

Mackie Lane now has a new wooden fence erected by Honeysuckle Nursery.

We elected for the ‘rough’ side as it provides a perfect place for wire to trail climbing plants.  We are always complimented on our flowering fence line abutting the lane.  Herbs will soon be added to the garden pots along the outside for locals to pick at will. The Rotunda has continued to be a boon to gardeners seeking shade, for yet another Botanical Art Class, for the BBQ and for our social events.  The indefatigable Chris Lee connected up some water tanks donated by John & Sandra Nelson from their garden to a pump, a precursor to installing our large water tank.

As always there is an abundance of produce at Mackie Lane, being harvested or well on the way.  Summer plantings are well in hand, with an emphasis on those we use most frequently.  Members are encouraged to nominate plants they enjoy eating to be planted.

There will be a Management meeting in October and in November we will again reach yet another AGM.  Should you wish to be more involved with the management side of MCG there is chance to do that then.  You will hear more about this meeting from Kerry.

Our two beautiful gardens couldn’t work without the help and assistance of our members.  Whether your visits are sporadic or regular we appreciate your involvement and the wonderful produce to share that is the end result.

We acknowledge the continuing support offered to us by Mosman Council and Ausgrid.

Happy gardening!

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